It’s good to be back! Usually after two weeks away I’m not ready to return to the studios. This time, it’s different. A lot of that has to do with the fact that my son moved to Goderich on the day the landscape moved. In fact, we timed it so we’d be there at 4pm, thinking a couple of hours to complete the move and then a nice dinner on a patio in the square. Sadly, the patio we like landed somewhere near Clifford and we found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of an F-3. Don’t care to repeat the experience, but of all the moving day stories collected, my kid may have the best of the bunch. We emerged unscathed and undamaged, but shaken and stirred. When the wind picked up again last week, I sat up and took notice. I was in Stratford on Wednesday night and saw quite the light show on the way home. And then, the Americans braced for the Hurricane of the century. Here’s the problem with that. Be it snow, rain or wind, if you prepare for the worst why are you disappointed? Should you not be relieved? I used to smirk at the weather guys who got whipped into a frenzy over bad weather. But then two things happened. New Orleans and Goderich. I watched one, survived the other. My days of standing in front of the picture window or going out on the deck during bad weather are over. The next time Dave Phillips yells “duck,” you’ll find me in the basement.