Bobby Orr was on my program today and I’m still not down from the clouds! I’ve interviewed an assortment of famous people during my time here at 570NEWS/Rogers TV Cable 20 but not one of them made me feel like Bobby Orr did today. I am so lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to sit two feet away from and talk to the greatest defenceman who ever played  hockey and arguably the best all around player in history. What an experience! He is “real” about everything. He calls it the way he sees it and he is passionate about the causes he believes in. He’s in our region for the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Festival presented by those good gals and guys at Schlueter Chevrolet. He wants our kids to ”HAVE FUN” and he’d like the adults to lighten up and remember it’s a game not a do or die thing. (interview is available on podcast) Along with Olympic Champion Cassie Campbell, Bobby Orr will be sending that message to the young girls and the adults that surround them. Way to go Bobby and Cassie! In closing I want you to know how impressed I was with the way he handled people. He patiently signed autographs and took pictures with everyone who asked. He had time for everybody! After signing things and taking pictures with the staff , some of their family, invited guests and others in the hallway outside my studio which made him late, someone said “Bobby we’re all finished here we gotta go we have your driver out this way”. Bobby Orr said “wait a minute, how many people are waiting out front?” (meaning on King Street in front of our building 12 floors down) The assistant said “about fifteen” Bobby said “fifteen?!” That was the moment for me because in my head I thought he would say something like “we’re really late lets blow out the back way we don’t have time” but he didn’t; he paused for a second then reached for his bag and grabbed enough pictures to sign for maybe thirty people “lets go” he said “got some extras just in case”. That’s why we love the man. He thinks of others first and that’s one of the messages the kids will get from him this weekend. He also took time to write a kind note to my brother Tim who has been a fan his whole life. Bobby Orr as Don Cherry puts it “is one good Canadian kid”. This is one time everyone can agree with Cherry.