I’m tempted to worry or be disappointed that all most people watching the three presidential debates remember or talk about is Mitt Romney’s pledge (in the first debate) to cut Sesame street’s funding on PBS (even though he likes Big Bird), or his “binders full of women” remark (in the second debate), or Obama’s  condescending comeback line about military having moved on from horses and bayonets to battleships.

Despite the campaign spinsters’ attempt to separate the substance from the malarkey in the morning after media coverage, it is now the Twitter-verse that rules what resonates out of these debates.

Within seconds of the off-the-cuff lines being delivered by the two men who will lead the free world, hashtags and Twitter account handles like @firedbigbird or #bindersfullofwomen emerged as forum for millions of fun, furious or frivolous comments. The conventional media (including 680News) devotes significant attention and news segments to social media response, which in turn restricts the water cooler conversations throughout North America to Big Bird, bayonets and #bindersfullofwomen.

I hope the majority of Americans take more into consideration before they choose who should be president of the United States of America. #gettingalittlefedupwiththefrivolity