We’ve heard the names thrown around… Rick Hansen, Wayne Gretzky, and now…. William Shatner!

It’s the latest name being connected to the job of Governor General. Yup.  The Shat. There is now a Facebook page calling for the Canadian-born actor to take over from Michaelle Jean when her term runs out .

Already, over ten thousand  people have signed on to the Facebook page… asking fans to imagine Shatner reading the throne speech in that Capt. Kirk style “we have come to know and love.”

A report in the Vancouver Sun says the 79-year-old has all the necessary poise, diction, and gravitas required for public speaking.  It says Shatner is well versed in interplanetary diplomacy, so international relations should be a cinch.

If this alone doesn’t make you rush to add your name to the page, check out William Shatner’s latest musical effort – a duet with a singing sensation from Taiwan,  Lin Yu Chun.   Total Eclipse of the Heart never sounded so….so good?  So Shatner.