I’m fortunate because my job allows me the opportunity to be out and about during the afternoon when the majority of you are still at work. I do a lot of driving around in the afternoon but I’m not alone; I have Gary Doyle on the radio and my dog Babe in the backseat to keep me company. I usually move around the region easily, but right now it’s slow because of the season. One of the reasons it’s slow going presently is the fact that there are a number of big older model four door cars with elderly people driving them around in the afternoon. I would bet you that many of these vehicles couldn’t pass a safety check if they had to. After-all many of these giant boats are very old and so are the drivers. It’s my guess that these drivers only take their cars out a few times a year and this is one of those times. I’d also go so far as to suggest that some of these folks may not have insurance on their vehicle and they may not even have a valid driver’s licence either. These drivers are older and slower, but that doesn’t make them bad drivers in many cases, in some cases it does. I think the police are being very kind to these folks right now. If they were to pull cars over for spot safety checks starting today, they’d have an impound lot full of unsafe vehicles. The upside is, as long as these folks drive as slowly as they do they won’t do much damage if a collision occurred. The smart thing to do is to avoid them if you can, especially in a parking lot because it can take a day and a half for them to get one of those giant four door boats in or out of a parking spot. You can see them muttering the words “these lines aren’t wide enough, I can’t fit the car in here”. They’re right about that one, even my little Sunfire “hogs” the whole parking spot these days. If they paint the lines any closer together in the future you won’t have enough room to park a bicycle. Big 1985 Lincoln Continentals definitely don’t fit into the new sized parking spaces. In fact I saw a guy trying to park one yesterday and he was still trying to park it a half hour later when I left the store! Beware you guys, they’re out there. They’re our parents, grandparents and great grandparents so give them a little slack eh; it’s Christmas. They won’t be out again for another year!