It’s been a while.

Staying on top of Spring Training, absorbing as much baseball info/data as possible can suddenly mean over 2 months have flown by.

But enough about me… let’s get to my MLB playoff picks now…without further delay.

AL East Champion – Boston Red Sox

I know, I know…a horrible start. No team that started the season 0-6 has made the World Series. Only 2 have made the post-season. Call me crazy, but I think this team has the horses, the personalities, and the gumption (yes the GUMPTION) to overcome this horrible start. A lineup featuring Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, Ortiz, Youkilis, Gonzalez is going to run, hit and score their way to the East crown.

AL Central – Chicago White Sox

I’m taking the pale hose to win this division, because unlike the AL East which is a battle to survive, Chicago seems to have more of what their opponents lack: depth. The White Sox have 6 starters they could run out on any given day, and while the names on the backs of the jersey’s might not be as great as the Phillies Phab Phour, they’re still good enough to compete with anyone in the American League.

AL West – Texas Rangers

I just think the Rangers are going on a run similar to what the Phillies have been on the past few years. A good young core of high-velocity pitchers and hitters that can flat-out rake, in a ballpark that was designed perfectly for the team, yup, this team will outlast the Angels and the A’s for the division crown.

NL East – Philadelphia Phillies

I’m not crazy enough to bet against Doc Halladay. Or Cliff. Or Roy Oswalt. Or Cole ‘MVP’ Hamels. Maybe against the 5th man in that rotation, but I want no part of the first 4. Even with an aging offense those guys are good enough to win plenty of 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 type games. And in the post-season where (hypothetically) you could see two of them in 1 game? Knew you’d see it my way.

NL Central – Cincinnati Reds 

I think last year’s Reds team started what could be an annual event. 1 team seemingly coming out of nowhere to win a division crown. Unfortunately, for NL Central teams the Reds could be on this perch for awhile. They’ve got a deep rotation, great hitters (both in the majors and minors) blossoming right before our eyes, and they play some great ‘D’ in a small-ish park. Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago should build for next year…or the year after.

NL West – Colorado Rockies

I don’t like betting against the defending champion Giants, but their offense is terrible. Their pitching is amazing, and could carry them into the playoffs again, but I don’t see them taking the West crown. The Rockies have a better offense, led by Tulo and CarGo (if I really have to explain who these guys are, you need to watch baseball more often), they rotation is not as deep as San Fran’s but is still led by Ubaldo Jimenez. Jhoulys Chacin and Jorge De La Rosa with another year under there belts will be able to shoulder more of the load that Jimenez bore in 2010. And that will be the biggest difference maker in a tight West battle.