I can’t believe election day is only days away. I’m looking back on the last several weeks, trying to recap the highlights of the election campaign and quite frankly, I can’t think of any! I cannot recall a more lacklustre lead-up to voting day. Perhaps the events on the hustings were upstaged by the credit crisis in the U.S. and the global market meltdown. Or perhaps it has more to do with the candidates themselves. Mr. Harper, unlike his extremely well-run ’06 campaign which was high on policy, appears to be laying low in the hope that Mr. Dion will simply self-destruct. Dion has not suddenly become captivating. In short, there is but one main issue that no party has been able to fully capitalize on – and that’s the economy. There has been no glancing blow, no pivotal moment. Remember Brian Mulroney’s shot at Prime Minister John Turner in the 1984 leaders’ debate in which he said “you had an option sir.” That exchange is considered one of the great knockout blows in the history of political debate. Or Prime Minister Kim Campbell saying in the 1993 campaign that an election campaign is no time to talk about serious issues. These were pivotal moments that captured the attention of the electorate and got people talking. What are people talking about regarding the current campaign? Darned if I know. But we seem to know a heck of a lot about Sarah Palin.