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  • Another train derails in northern Manitoba; passenger service affected

    The Canadian Press 0

    WINNIPEG – Via Rail says another derailment on a troubled northern Manitoba railway line has forced an interruption of passenger services between Thompson and The Pas until further notice. According to a Via news release, it was a Hudson Bay Railway freight train that derailed, although it was not immediately clear when the derailment happened.

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  • Unemployment rates to be re-released

    Paul McPhee 0

    One week after Statistics Canada rolled out incorrect jobless numbers for July, it will take another stab at it Friday morning.

  • Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is shown during a news conference Wednesday June 11, 2014 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

    Justin Trudeau opposes spending taxpayer money on anti-marijuana ads

    The Canadian Press 0

    SASKATOON – Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lashed out Thursday at the federal government over a Postmedia report that Health Canada has approached three doctors’ groups to sign onto an anti-pot advertising campaign. During a visit to Saskatoon, he suggested the move is meant as an attack on him and his support for legalizing marijuana.

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  • A Canadian Pacific Rail police officer, right, stands by as workers remove community gardens from a stretch of abandoned CP Rail line in Vancouver, B.C., on Thursday August 14, 2014. The once-abandoned 11-kilometre-long Arbutus Corridor has been used by residents for many years as a greenway where community gardens were erected. The removal of the gardens is the culmination of a growing dispute between the rail company and the City of Vancouver over the value of the land. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

    CP Rail begins bulldozing gardens in dispute with Vancouver over land purchase

    The Canadian Press and Vivian Luk, The Canadian Press 0

    VANCOUVER – A bulldozer is mowing down mature trees and tearing up gardens along a stretch of abandoned Canadian Pacific Rail (TSX:CP) line that runs through the middle of Vancouver. The once-abandoned 11-kilometre-long Arbutus Corridor has been used for many years by local residents as a greenway, where vegetables and flowers are abundant. The bulldozer

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  • Wife of B.C. polygamous leader says charges violate her religious freedom

    The Canadian Press 0

    LISTER, B.C. – A wife of a polygamous leader of a small religious commune in B.C. says polygamy charges laid this week against the leaders of Bountiful violate her religious freedom. Marsha Chatwin, whose name appears on an indictment in a list of Winston Blackmore’s alleged wives, says the criminal charges that were announced this

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  • Confusing sanctions regime irks industry, prompting plan for single list

    The Canadian Press and Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press 0

    OTTAWA – The tangle of lists that Canadian banks and other financial institutions rely on to sanction terrorists, tyrants and other troublemakers are confusing and often out of date, industry players are telling the federal government. The complaints have prompted a federal plan to create a single, comprehensive roster of targeted people and organizations, records

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  • Critics say Alberta gov’t not doing enough about high oilsands emissions

    The Canadian Press and Bob Weber, The Canadian Press 0

    EDMONTON – Critics aren’t happy with the Alberta government’s response to monitoring data that shows two air pollutants have exceeded trigger levels in the oilsands area. The information shows sulphur dioxide and nitrous dioxide — two chemicals that contribute to acid rain and smog — are creeping past levels that were supposed to bring a

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  • Medical marijuana spread on toast, inside cookies and teas backed by B.C. court

    The Canadian Press and Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press 0

    VANCOUVER – The B.C. Appeal Court has ruled the federal government’s restriction on allowing only dried marijuana to be used under its medical access regulations is unconstitutional. Owen Smith, who challenge the law, argued some patients want to consume their marijuana medicine in butters, brownies, cookies and teas. Smith claimed the right to administer the

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  • Williams in early stages of Parkinson’s Disease

    Sydonie Eggett 0

    The wife of late comedian, Robin Williams, says her husband had Parkinsons Disease. In a statement Thursday, Susan Schneider said that Williams was struggling with depression, anxiety and the early stages of Parkinson’s when he was found dead earlier this week. The wife of the actor-comedian said he was not ready to share his Parkinson’s

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  • A chronology of key dates in the Guelph robocalls controversy

    The Canadian Press 0

    OTTAWA – A chronology of the robocalls scandal: March 26, 2011: Campaigning begins for the May 2 federal election. During the campaign, the commissioner of Canada elections gets about 100 complaints about nuisance phone calls or calls offering incorrect polling locations. April 29, 2011: Returning officers in some riding hear complaints about calls giving incorrect

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