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Your Money Matters RSS

  • Wednesday April 23rd, 2014


    On today’s show, host Saj Karim and Mike Roberts discuss the most recent quarterly earnings results from the major Canadian railroads, along with the implications of increased government regulation on the sector. They also review a recently proposed takeover involving a major Canadian pharmaceutical company along with an overall increase in mergers and acquisitions activity.

    For the 2nd half of the show, Saj and Mike highlight the key components within the recently published update on Canaccord’s 2014 Investment Themes report.

  • Wednesday April 16th, 2014


    Today Saj Karim and his co-host Mike Roberts discussed the importance of safeguarding your online security given the recent issues with the Heartbleed bug. They continued with a discussion of market strategy comparing and contrasting a report from their US Portfolio Strategist and their North American Quantitative Strategist. They wrapped up the show with some general conversation in regards to the regained position of IPO’s, Mergers and Acquisitions in the Canadian landscape.

  • Wednesday April 9th, 2014


    On the show today, hosts Mike Magreehan and Wendy Strub discuss the recent volatility in the market, and the key opportunities presented through sector rotation. As Q2 US earning season gets underway, they discuss what’s transpired and what to look for, including Buffett’s top dividend-paying stocks. With people now in receipt of tax refunds, the hosts expand on areas for consideration when deciding on what to do with those dollars, from investing to debt repayment and how to arrive at a sound financial conclusion. In addition to answering some listener questions, Wendy and Mike dig into a letter written by renowned investor, Howard Marks, and the they comment on certain critical items to consider when approaching investing in achieving a successful outcome.

  • Wednesday April 2nd, 2014


    On today’s show, host Saj Karim and Mike Roberts discuss several of the key developments for what has been a busy few weeks on many fronts for Blackberry. They also comment on the recent results of ‘Stress Tests’ undertaken by major US Banks and what the results could mean for investors.

    For the 2nd half of the show, Saj and Mike are joined by Irfan Gillani from Remax’s K-W office for a pulse check on local real estate market. The pending changes to be implemented by CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.) relative to mortgage default insurance and what it means to new home buyers are also debated.

  • Wednesday March 26th, 2014


    Mike Roberts and Mike Magreehan discuss Loblaws’ approved takeover of Shoppers Drug Mart, the positive implications for Pembina Pipeline, as well as a number of US corporate news stories in the IT and media sectors. The hosts spend some time unpacking the concept known as “crowdfunding” and what it could mean for local businesses accessing capital on the world stage. Lastly, they discuss the implications of an 89 cent Loonie.

  • Wednesday March 19th, 2014


    Today your hosts Peter Chandler and Saj Karim interviewed our Waterloo Mayor, Brenda Halloran and discussed the challenges she sees going forward as she finishes her final term. They also interviewed Marcus Schlecta of Blackrock to identify the global inflows and outflows to various sectors and how you can identify opportunities from the data flow in IShares ETF’s

  • Wednesday March 12th, 2014


    On today’s show, hosts Mike Magreehan and Mike Roberts highlight the recent pipeline reversal by Enbridge through Ontario and the reasons behind the high level of similar reversals across North America in the past year. They debate a listener email which questioned the merits of paying off your mortgage versus investing in the markets, and educate listeners on why an asset allocation strategy and regular rebalancing within a portfolio is so important.

  • Wednesday March 5th, 2014


    Peter and Wendy discuss Ned Goodman’s comments at this year’s PDAC conference.
    They also chatted about the economic impact of Russia’s invasion in the Ukraine, reasons why the Canadian dollar may be bottoming and investment quotes from Warren Buffet.
    Next week’s show will feature Mike Magreehan and Mike Roberts on tools for investment rebalancing.

  • Wednesday February 26th, 2014


    Hosts Saj Karim and Mike Roberts discuss Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and the implications around the value of BBM due to this. They also discussed the substantial investments being made in Canada in the LNG (liquid natural gas) sector and the benefits to local rural areas such as Kitimat and Prince Rupert BC. On approaching the RRSP deadline in the next week, they talked about taking advantage of the Home Buyers Plan within an RRSP and how it can help secure a foundation in your financial future.

  • Wednesday February 19th, 2014


    Hosts Mike Magreehan and Mike Roberts highlight “Registered Disability Savings Plans” and provide their expertise on these relatively new long-term savings vehicles for Canadians with disabilities. With government incentives, tax-free growth and flexibility, RDSPs are an important consideration as part of an overall financial plan. They also welcome a special guest from Blackrock, to discuss exchange-traded funds (EFTs).