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Jeff Allan

Jeff Allan RSS

  • Friday August 30th – 5pm

    5:12- Laura Carney, 570 News Afternoon Anchor, News of the Day.   5:34- Ryan Murray, Personal Injury Lawyer from Oatley, Vigmond, Re: Almost one-fifth of all childhood injuries occur at school.   5:42- Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank  

  • Friday August 30th – 4pm

    4:12- Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor of Food Distribution and Policy at the University of Guelph, Re: Food price increases less than expected.   4:34- Kyle Dine, project lead on the Allergy Awareness Challenge and creator of www.whyriskit.ca, Re: High school students develop online tools to help combat food allergy bullying.   4:42- Sgt. Dave Rektor,

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  • Friday August 30th – 3pm

    3:00- Jiaying Zhao, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, Re: A new study finds that poverty is hsown to damage decision-making.   3:30- Andy Behrens, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Expert, Re: The new NFL season is right around the corner, and with

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  • Friday August 30th – 2pm

    2:00- Simon Palomar, Research Assistant at CIGI, Re:  Syrians have been stocking up on canned goods and necessities ahead of an expected retaliatory military strike against the Syrian government. Meanwhile, Russia is rejecting American claims that government forces used chemical weapons in Syria.   2:30- Connor Martz, Mars One Applicant, Re: the 19-year old first

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  • Thursday August 29th – 5pm

    5:12- Laura Carney in Studio   5:34- Grand River Social   5:42- OPEN  

  • Thursday August 29th – 4pm

    4:12- Spokesperson Nadim Abdo, From Equifax. Re: Debt by numbers: Troubling trends in Canadian consumer spending   4:34- OPEN   4:42- Kathy Buckworth, from PC Mobile. Re: Canadians get a failing grade on mobile manners   4:54- Saj Karim, Cannacord Capital  

  • Thursday August 29th – 3pm

    3-4 Hour of Rage  

  • Thursday August 29th – 2pm

    2pm- Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA. Re: A recent survey has found that Canadians are apathetic when it comes to online privacy. Half of Canadians feel that it is okay for the government to be able to monitor our online activity which includes emails. When circumstances which include preventing a future terrorist attack

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  • Wednesday August 28th – 5pm

    5:12- Laura Carney joins Joe in studio   5:34- MLK-50th Anniversary   5:42- Gary Thompson, Syria Expert Re: Syria.  

  • Wednesday August 28th – 4pm

    4:12- Tobi Cohen,Writer at Canada.com Re: Economic implications of legalizing marijuana, fining for possession up for debate.   4:34- Communitech Roundtable   4:42- OPEN   4:54- Saj Karim, Cannacord Capital.