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Monday May 29 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Hair for Change GUEST: Melanie Boyd and Grade 5/6 students IN STUDIO A grade four student along with the Grade 5/6 students at Mackenzie King public school in Kitchener is donating hair to raise money for a local cancer centre, Hope Springs. The students will cut their hair at an assembly to donate as well as open it to any students that would like to shave their heads or donate their hair. A grade 5 teacher, Ryan McGuire has also offered up his head of curly locks to be shaved and the students can decide his haircut.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Men claim discrimination A theatre in Austin, Texas has sparked outrage after scheduling women only screenings of the new film ‘Wonder Woman’. June 6th, the theatre, Alamo Drafthouse scheduled two showings for those who identify as female. Now unimpressed men are lambasting the idea on Facebook, claiming they are being discriminated against.  
9:30 AM TOPIC: Dog poop energy unveiled GUEST: Waterloo Mayor Dave Jaworsky The City of Waterloo is unveiling a pilot program that will turn dog waste into energy, using a process called anaerobic digestion that happens when organic waste breaks down in an environment without oxygen. Waterloo will be the first city in Canada that will implement “poop power”.  
9:45 AM TOPIC: Cosby fears someone will drug his food or drink Unnamed sources close to the Bill Cosby family say that 79-year old Bill Cosby is afraid someone will drug his food or drink. Cosby has reportedly refused local accommodations during proceedings leading up to his sexual assault trial.  
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Friday May 26 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Syrian Refugees getting work in Waterloo Region Tara Bedard, Executive Director, Immigration Partnership Syrian refugees that have landed in Waterloo Region are finding working.  Many local groups are offering programs to help the refugees get into the work market through special programs.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Playboy model pleads no contest for ‘body shaming’ post of 71-year-old nude woman in locker room
9:30 AM TOPIC: Tri-Pride Festival returns to Victoria Park Alex Chunaco, President of Tri-Pride Tri-Pride is back. After nearly disbanding last year, the Tri-Pride Community Association returns stronger than ever with two weeks of events to celebrate the region's LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning) community. The live music festival is also back this year and will take place at Victoria Park.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Listener Letters
May 26, 2017, 12:41 PM
Thursday May 25 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Ontario Budget watchdog presenting report on Liberal Hydro plan GUEST: Christine Van Geyn, Ontario Director Canadian Taxpayer Federation Legislation expected to pass next week would cut bills by an average of 17 per cent, but would also cost consumers more in the long run. Just how much more is a contentious issue at the legislature in light of leaked cabinet documents suggesting there will be large increases after an initial drop. The Liberals have said after the 17-per-cent cut, rate increases will be held to inflation for the next four years, and in 10 years ratepayers will have to start paying back debt that will be accumulated in order to finance lower rates for the next decade. The government says that cost to consumers will be up to $28 billion the cost of paying back the debt with interest. It also comes with an additional cost to taxpayers, with $1 billion a year coming from government coffers to finance an eight-per-cent rate cut that took effect in January, and another $2.5 million over three years to pay for cuts for low-income and rural ratepayers.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Dirty Dancing remake was terrible. Tell us about a GOOD remake!
9:30 AM Letting residents decide what they want in two Kitchener parks GUEST: Paul Singh, City Kitchener Councillor Ward 6 Elmsdale Park and Sandhills Park are both due for makeovers and improvements could be decided in a new way known as a “participatory budget.” Participatory budgeting gives citizens a direct say over a small part of the city budget. They come up with ideas for how the money could be spent, and then vote on which ideas get funded. Under the plan that councillors will consider at Monday's finance committee, $100,000 has been earmarked for each of the two parks.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Playboy model pleads no contest for ‘body shaming’ post of 71-year-old nude woman in locker room A Playboy centerfold has pleaded no contest misdemeanour invasion of privacy for secretly snapping a photo of a naked 71-year-old woman in a locker room and posting it online with a mocking comment. Dani Mathers was sentenced to either 45 days in jail or 30 days of community service removing graffiti. Her lawyer says she will do the latter.
May 25, 2017, 10:09 AM
Wednesday May 24 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Talking to your kids about terror GUEST: Doone Etsey, Parenting Network Trying to explain to your children what happened in Manchester could be a difficult task. Young people will have questions and we will need to answer them. A list of tips has been put together to help you explain a tragedy to young people.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Kids who aren't vaccinated A study says children who aren’t vaccinated face harsher judgment than their parents who refused immunization. The study suggests some parents don’t want to vaccinate their children because it could lead to mercury poisoning or auto immune disorders. In Ontario, students who don’t have up to date immunization records can be suspended from school for up to 20 days.
9:30 AM TOPIC: Doctor recruitment efforts GUEST: Donna Gravelle,Physician Recruitment Coordinator, Cambridge & North Dumfries Doctor Donna Gravelle joins the show to update us on the doctor recruitment efforts in our region.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Bathing suit bullshit
May 24, 2017, 10:02 AM
Tuesday May 23 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Rail announcement Catherine Fife, MPP Kitchener Waterloo CALLING US Municipal officials are pleased high-speed rail along the Toronto-Windsor corridor is finally picking up steam. Speaking in Kitchener on Friday, Premier Kathleen Wynne said the province is on track to move ahead with a $15 million environmental assessment for the 250 km/h train service, which will cut travel times between the region and downtown Toronto’s Union Station to a minimum of 48 minutes. Regional Chair Ken Seiling says linking Ontario’s busiest city with the Waterloo region’s booming tech sector has always been a problem. “One of our major issues in this region is the ability to move workers back and forth between the Toronto area and this region, and our local tech sector has been suffering because of that,” says Seiling. “[Thursday] I was travelling to Toronto and it took me three-and-a-half hours to go in, two-and-a-half hours to come out in the middle of the afternoon. That’s really a damper on the provincial economy, on our ability to do things here and people to do business in Toronto,” he says. “This is really quite a step forward if it ever materializes.”
9:15 AM TOPIC: Instagram bad for mental health in young people
9:30 AM TOPIC: Concert Bombing Assistant Professor of International Affairs, Norm Patterson School of International Affairs Greater Manchester Police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with last night's suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande (GRAHN'-day) concert in the northern England city.   Police say the man was arrested in south Manchester this morning, a day after the explosion killed 22 people and injured 59 -- many of them teenagers -- as they were leaving the pop star's show.  They did not provide details, or any potential link to the suicide bombing.  British Prime Minister Theresa May says it's -- quote -- ``beyond doubt'' -- that Britain and the city of Manchester have fallen victim to what she calls ``a callous terrorist attack.'' She says the attack stands out for its ``appalling, sickening cowardice.''
9:45 AM TOPIC: Pippa's Wedding Weekend Bradley Barbour, Monarchist League of Canada
May 23, 2017, 10:02 AM
Friday May 19 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Rail announcement Berry Vrbanovic, Kitchener Mayor A big transit announcement is expect Friday from the Ontario Liberals. Reports say the premier will lay out plans for the first stages of a high speed rail line connecting Windsor and Toronto with proposed plans for stops in Kitchener and Guelph. Premier Kathleen Wynne will visit London, then Kitchener’s Google to deliver the announcement which is expected to include some of the preliminary design work on the right speed rail line. The announcement is also expected to include a $15 million environmental assessment. The high speed rail line was promised by the Ontario Liberals in the lead up to the 2014 election and the plan calls for a 300 Kilometer rail line equipped with trains that can travel as fast as 250 km/h. Once the line is complete, it would connect Toronto with most of southwestern Ontario including Guelph, London, Chatham, and Windsor.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Long weekend driving Anne Marie Thomas, What is your crime when you pack the car and hit the road for the long weekend.  Distracted driving, over stuffing your car or something else?
9:30 AM TOPIC: Long Weekend Fireworks Safety John Percy, Public Education Officer, Waterloo Fire The first long weekend and unofficial start to summer usually means fireworks. What you need to know to stay safe.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Listener Letters
May 19, 2017, 10:19 AM
Thursday May 18 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Trump/Russia and undisclosed contacts John Stall, 570 News Political Affairs Specialist The Justice Department on Wednesday appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to oversee a federal investigation into potential co-ordination between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election. The appointment came amid a growing Democratic outcry for someone outside the Justice Department to handle the politically charged investigation. It followed the revelation Tuesday that fired FBI Director James Comey had written in a memo that Trump, in a February meeting in the Oval Office, had asked him to end an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The White House has denied that account. Mueller was appointed FBI director in 2001 and led the FBI through the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. He retired in 2013. The Justice Department said Mueller has resigned from his job at a private law firm to take the job of special counsel. The Justice Department declined to explain the decision-making involved in the appointment.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Can't quit Loyalty Cards
9:30 AM TOPIC: Chris Cornell dead Eric Alper, Canadian music correspondent, blogger, radio host A shock wave has hit the music world with news American rocker Chris Cornell has died at age 52. His representative Brian Bumbery tells The Associated Press that Cornell, who gained fame as the lead singer of Soundgarden and later Audioslave, died Wednesday night while on tour in Detroit. Bumbery called the death “sudden and unexpected,” and said his wife and family were shocked by it and will be working closely with the medical examiner to determine the cause. As the lead singer for Seattle-based Soundgarden, Cornell helped architect the 90’s grunge rock movement. He was a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer — and was a philanthropist for children in need.
9:45 AM TOPIC: But why?
May 18, 2017, 10:47 AM
Wednesday May 17 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Passenger rights Cormac MacSweeney, 570 News Parliament Hill Reporter Transport Minister Marc Garneau has introduced legislation to create a new passenger bill of rights, which will give travellers a better idea of when airlines will have to compensate them. The legislation is part of a package of changes to the Canada Transportation Act, which also introduces new foreign ownership limits for airlines, requires railways to install voice and video recorders in locomotives and improves transparency and efficiency in the freight rail industry. Garneau promised the bill of rights last month in the wake of widespread alarm after a United Airlines passenger was injured when he was dragged from a plane in Chicago. Garneau has already told airlines operating in Canada such an incident is not to happen here, but the bill lays out more rules for the industry to follow and spells out in clear language that no one can be involuntarily removed from a plane due to overbooking. The bill will enable the government to force airlines to create clear standards of treatment and compensation for circumstances including being denied boarding, delays while already on board and lost or damaged baggage. Airlines will not be able to charge parents a fee to be able to sit next to their children, and carriers will also have to have standards for transporting musical instruments.
9:15 AM TOPIC:  NFL Ref
9:30 AM TOPIC: Labour Laws Greg Durocher, President/ CEO Cambridge and District Chamber of commerce. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is warning the government against making major changes to the province's labour laws.   In a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, the business group expressed concern about the province's Changing Workplaces review.   The top-to-bottom look at labour laws is expected to usher in major changes.  Chamber of Commerce vice-president Karl Baldauf says employers are especially concerned about potential changes to unionization that might come about after the report is released.   The group says major changes to labour laws that increase costs could have a negative impact on the province's economic recovery and lead to job cuts.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Stop sexualizing little girls
May 17, 2017, 10:25 AM
Tuesday May 16 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: How long will Trump Supporters stick around? Warren Kinsella, Lawyer, Author Why are Trump's supporters sticking with him.  Do they choose to ignore every single blunder.  Lawyer and author Warren Kinsella looks at how long the voter base will stick around.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Incoming First Lady of France being taunted.
9:30 AM TOPIC: -Food Snobbery Sylvain Charlebois, Faculty of Management, Professor in Food Distribution and Policy, Dalhousie University Are cheaper groceries a bad thing?  Are we food snobs?
9:45 AM TOPIC: Why you hate your husband after having a baby
May 16, 2017, 10:38 AM
Monday May 15 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Jennifer's Vacation Recap
9:15 AM TOPIC: Cyber Attack Daniel Bader, Managing Editor @androidcentral, 570 News Tech Expert More than 200-thousand victims in 150 countries were infected by a massive cyberattack that spread over the weekend.   Now, there are fears of a second wave of the attack as the work week begins and employees fire up their computers.   Asia -- especially China -- reported thousands of new cases today, but no large-scale breakdowns at this point.   The global ``ransomware'' cyberattack has technicians scrambling to secure the computers that run factories, banks, government agencies and transport systems in many other nations.
9:30 AM TOPIC: Relationship Advice GUEST: Chantal Heide, Canada's Dating Coach
9:45 AM TOPIC: Hot Shots Karen Spencer, Excutive Director Spring has arrived and planning is underway for the 2017 Activa Hot Shots Street Hockey Tournament! You still have time to register your team for the annual street hockey event.
May 15, 2017, 10:21 AM
Friday May 12 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Hydro Costs Todd Smith, PC Hydro Critic Ontarians will see lower hydro bills for the next 10 years, but will then pay the price for that decrease for the following 20 years, under new legislation introduced today.    Electricity bills in the province have roughly doubled in the last decade, and have sparked increasing anger among Ontarians, leading to plummeting approval ratings for Premier Kathleen Wynne. Ten weeks after announcing a plan to lower hydro bills, the Liberal government has introduced its legislation to lower time-of-use rates, take the cost of low-income and rural support programs off bills, and introduce new social programs. Time-of-use rates are being lowered by removing from bills a portion of the global adjustment, a charge consumers pay for above-market rates to power producers. For the next 10 years, a new entity overseen by Ontario Power Generation will pay that difference and take on debt to do so. Then, the cost of paying back that debt _ which the government says will be up to $28 billion _ will go back onto ratepayers' bills for the next 20 years as a ``Clean Energy Adjustment.''
9:15 AM TOPIC: Trudeau cut outs
9:30 AM TOPIC: Communitech opens new Waterloo Data Hub Guest  - Kevin Tuer, VP Strategic Initiatives at Communitech and ODX program manager Communitech's Waterloo Data Hub has officially opened its doors. It is located at 14 Erb Street West (the former North Division detachment for Waterloo Regional Police) and is a partnership that involves CIBC, the City of Waterloo and Quantum Valley Investments. Communitech says the 19,000 plus square foot facility offers a collaborative space for a mix of tech and data-driven clients and enterprise partners. It will be used by startups and scale-ups and is home to Canada's Open Data Exchange (ODX), a federal government initiative that helps enterprises and startups generate new commercial applications using open data sets. "There's this notion data is the new gold, and more and more we've seen a rise in local tech companies specializing in open data, artificial intelligence, connected vehicles, cyber security and smart cities," said Iain Klugman, CEO, Communitech. "In true Communitech style, the new data hub supports and connects these companies in the region while also welcoming new partners in the space."
9:45 AM TOPIC: Mother’s Day
May 12, 2017, 10:43 AM
Thursday May 11 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: - Green Party gaining momentum after historic British Columbia election. Guest: Mike Schreiner - Leader of the Green Party of Ontario  British Columbia has its first minority government in 65 years as the Liberals squeaked out a razor-thin victory over the NDP, with the Green party holding the balance of power for the first time in Canadian history. The Green party is saying this election is the breakthrough the party has been waiting for. The next breakthrough could come in next year's Ontario Provincial election. The city of Guelph has been targeted by the Green party as a likely location for electoral success.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Trudeau cut out costs
9:30 AM TOPIC: State of the city GUEST: Doug Craig, Mayor of Cambridge Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig joins the show to recap his morning speech and talk about his vision for the city.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
May 11, 2017, 10:06 AM
Wednesday May 10 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Homeless Initiative Paul Tavares - 90 Days and Nights in the Cold A Cambridge man spent 90 days and nights living in a tent in downtown Galt to raise money and awareness for homelessness. Paul Tavares joins the show to talk about the experience.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Homeless Initiative Paul Tavares - 90 Days and Nights in the Cold A Cambridge man spent 90 days and nights living in a tent in downtown Galt to raise money and awareness for homelessness. Paul Tavares joins the show to talk about the experience.  
9:30 AM TOPIC: Shaping your body Paul Landini The goal for many people when going to the gym is to become a hulking goliath. Many of us may not admit it, but a least a little part of you wants to Arnold or Stallone.  Of course sadly the vast majority of us fall laughably short of this. In his latest article in the Globe and Mail fitness expert Paul Landini says the reason we fail is not because you don't work hard enough in the gym, but we don't do the work in the Kitchener. The other reason is simply most of us don't have it in our genetics to be Terminator.
9:45 AM TOPIC:  Trudeau cut outs The Canadian Embassy in Washington and ten consulates in the United States spent $1,877 on cardboard cut-outs of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, before the Global Affairs department told civil servants to stop ordering them. Documents tabled in the House of Commons Monday show $1,877.24 was spent ordering 14 life-size replicas of the prime minister since Nov. 4, 2015. The revelations sparked some priceless exchanges during question period Tuesday.
May 10, 2017, 11:21 AM
Tuesday May 9 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Emergency Preparedness Week Waterloo Fire Chief Richard Hepditch With flooding in Ontario and Quebec, would you and your family be ready if a disaster hit? This week is emergency preparedness week and it recognizes the importance of individual and family preparedness.  This year's theme is "Plan, Prepare, Be Aware."  In the event of an emergency, Police and Public Safety Canada say residents should be prepared to take care of themselves for at least 72 hours.  Tips include building an emergency survival kit for your family and any pets.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Wet Weather and Crops Trevor Herrle-Braun,  Herrle's County Farm Market
9:30 AM TOPIC: Good Samaritan Act Michael Parkinson, Community Engagement, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council A new federal law that will provide immunity from drug possession charges for anybody who calls 911 when someone is overdosing is being hailed locally as a way to save lives. The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act which became law on Thursday will also provide immunity from simple possession charges for anybody who is at the scene of an overdose.  Supporters says it is great news because many members of the drug subculture avoid calling 911, for themselves or their friends, because they worry about going to jail and suffering withdrawal if police are involved.
9:45 AM TOPIC: Leejay Art Calendar Shirley Levene, Mother Since 2008, the Leejay Levene Art Calendar has been created each year in memory of Leejay Levene, who tragically died while undergoing routine wisdom teeth extraction. Leejay had a kind heart and always considered the well-being of others and for this reason, the Levene Family decided to share Leejay's personal artwork by creating a calendar.  Each year, a charity is chosen to receive the proceeds on the sale of the calendar, and in 2018, the Child Witness Centre is the chosen charity.   By supporting the calendar, your contribution is an investment in hope - the children we help are significantly more likely to grow up and seize the opportunities ahead of them, building a stronger and safer community for everyone.
May 09, 2017, 10:10 AM
Monday May 8 2017 9 AM
9:00 AM TOPIC: Kid Police Campaign Staff Sergeant Donna Mancuso Casting call! Do you know any kids (age 4-7) who demonstrate inclusion and acceptance? Regional Police want to hear from you for an upcoming campaign!  It aims to reduce hate crime and promote a positive and simple message of acceptance. It offers five main themes Race, Religion, LGTBQ, Disability and Gender and is supported through grant funding from the Ministry of Community Safety (Hate Crime and Extremism Investigative Team, HCEIT). Police plan to film kids kids and their innocent appreciation for each other as friends no matter what their background or abilities.
9:15 AM TOPIC: Every Plate Full Wendi Campbell, Executive Director, Foodbank of Waterloo Region Thousands of Canadians face hunger every year and food banks across the country are unable to keep up with the demand. Especially in the summer months. This year, foodbanks want to face hunger head on. May 23 - June 9, food banks across Canada will come together to participate in the Every Plate Full Food Drive with an inspiring goal: to fill the plates of every hungry Canadian this summer. Through the efforts of local food banks with the support of a national campaign, we are bringing Canada together to make a difference.
9:30 AM TOPIC: LRT and Patio concerns Tom Galloway, Regional Councillor Restaurants and bars along the LRT route are waiting for answers about patio rules once the line is up and running next year. At least four businesses along the LRT route have contacted the region with questions about patios, and regional officials are trying to work out the details.  Tom Galloway has said that he is almost certain that patios will be allowed but there are some concerns.  They include ensuring patios have  conductive objects such as metal patio umbrellas or awning poles.  Some business owners want to know why the issues were not worked out in advance.
9:45 AM TOPIC: UW Super Computer Scott Hopkins The University of Waterloo along with Compute Canada and Compute Ontario unveiled the largest supercomputer at any Canadian University last week.  Named Graham, the supercomputer can handle more simultaneous computational jobs than any other academic supercomputer in Canada.
May 08, 2017, 10:24 AM