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Police turn to social media to find man wanted for murder in Kitchener

Last Updated Jul 12, 2017 at 4:52 am EDT

A screenshot of Agar Hasan and Melinda Vailisje from an imgur page with a long album of pictures linked to the Reddit post claiming to be Ager Hasan.

Regional Police will be taking steps in the next week to find a man wanted in connection with a murder here in Kitchener.

24-year-old Ager Hasan is still on the run following the death of Melinda Vasilije on April 29th.

Inspector Mike Haffner says police will be using the power of your Twitter and Facebook feed

“We’ll be doing a social media hit out to the U.S. later on this week as well,” says Haffner. “We know he’s in the United States, it’s just a matter of if anybody has had any contact with him whether it be through social media, or family, we’re just encouraging him to turn himself in.”

He adds they’ve still been getting a lot of tips in regards to the death of Melinda Vasilije nearly 3 weeks ago.

“A lot of them are background information on both Melinda and Mr. Hasan, just in regards to their relationship and some of their past history,” says Haffner. “The investigation is still continuing and it will continue until Mr. Hasan is arrested.”

Ager Hasan is wanted on a Canada wide warrant and faces a 2nd Degree Murder charge.

Regional Police continue to work with Homeland Security and the F.B.I. to catch Hasan.