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Motorcyclist sustains life-threatening injuries after crash with deer in Wellesley Township

Last Updated May 18, 2017 at 2:05 pm EDT

File photo. Adam Haga - 570 NEWS.

Regional Police were called to a collision involving a motorcycle and a deer around 8:15 am Thursday morning on Weimar Line in Wellesley Township.

“As the motorcycle was westbound, a deer entered the roadway in front of his path, and the motorcycle unfortunately struck the deer. The operator of the motorcycle sustained a major injury that’s potentially life-threatening and was airlifted out of our Region to a hospital,” explains Sergeant John Nymann with Regional Police.

The deer was killed in the impact.

Weimar Line is described as having plenty of turns and hills, and is a heavily wooded area. A portion of the road is also farm fields, and Sergeant Nymann says that’s where they think the deer was when it entered the roadway.

“The motorcycle operator would not have had any time to react to the deer suddenly appearing infront of him.”

They are unsure if speed is a factor, but their investigation is continuing.

Police are also asking anyone who may have seen the black motorcycle on Weimar Line around 8:15 am Thursday morning, to contact Regional Police’s traffic division.