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Two weeks in, Region of Waterloo pleased with response to new waste rules

Photo from the Region of Waterloo.

The Region of Waterloo is giving the thumbs-up after the first two weeks of new waste pickup rules.

According to Kathleen Barsoum, the Region’s waste management coordinator, 90 percent of people seem to be taking to the changes without issue.

“We’re just amazed — and grateful. The residents have done such a good job,” says Barsoum.

“Some people are forgetting that it’s every other week — so for those people, we’ve got teams out putting door hangers, just to remind them that collection week is not this week. We’ve had some areas in the city — particularly in the township areas — that have had garbage day changes, so they’re taking a little bit of adjustment.”

The rules came into effect on March 6th, limiting waste pickup to every other week and capping the number of allowable bags or bins at four per household. The changes have led to creative solutions on social media.

“We’re talking to a lot of residents, we’re dropping off literature — education is the key goal for the first month,” says Barsoum.

“What I did notice on the street today was a huge increase in green bins at the curb. Almost every single house had a green bin at the curb in the neighbourhoods that I was driving through.”

As for how much waste the Region could cut back on in the coming months?

“It’s hard to predict,” says Barsoum.

“Right now, we’re seeing about 700 tonnes a day coming into the landfill. We’re hoping that should drop maybe 20, 30 percent — we’ll see.”