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Military phases out relief effort in New Brunswick as power returns to region

Last Updated Feb 5, 2017 at 7:40 pm EDT

OTTAWA – The military is phasing out its presence in New Brunswick as power steadily returns to the storm-ravaged Acadian peninsula.

The Canadian Armed Forces said in a statement Sunday that conditions in parts of the province have improved to point where military support is no longer necessary.

Some troops will remain in the region to assist the relief effort in communities still suffering from the aftermath of last month’s ice storm.

The soldiers are expected to gradually return to their base in Gagetown near Fredericton as conditions in the worst-hit areas become more manageable.

More than 200 troops were sent to the region last week to help regional authorities clear away debris, distribute basic necessities and check on the welfare of local residents.

The air base in Greenwood, N.S., sent a patrol aircraft to fly over the region and survey the extent of the damage to infrastructure.

NB Power reported that only 30 customers were without power Sunday night, down from 133,000 customers at the peak of the outages.