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OpenText collects over 11,000 meals for food bank

Logo from Open Text.

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region got a big boost over this holiday season that was due, in part, to a local organization.

OpenText in Waterloo has collected food for the food bank for the past several years, raising roughly 6,500 at the end of 2015 for local families in need.

They decided to continue the tradition in 2016, calling their seven-week drive the “No Empty Bellies Campaign” which aimed to beat their record and raise a high goal of 10,000 meals.

Customer Experience Project Manager Lindsay Lane was the leader of the campaign, and she says we can expect more charity drives from OpenText in future years.

“We’ll always want and continue to want to do charitable campaigns,” says Lane. “Not sure whether it would be within the food bank or with any other charity but it’s something that we always look at doing because as our CEO says, ‘we should do good while doing good’, and we all very much agree with that sentiment.”

OpenText did in fact ‘do good’. As 2016 wrapped they announced their goal was not only met but surpassed, bringing in a grand total of 11,277 meals for the local food bank.

Lane contributes their success to company bake-offs and competitions between the buildings to try to make the event fun for employees to bring in as many food items and donations as possible.