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The End of the Margaret Ave Bridge?

570 News file photo.

The Margaret Ave Bridge may be no longer.

Director of Engineering for the City of Kitchener, Barbara Robinson tells 570 News replacing the bridge seems like the best option.

“We’re hoping there is something we can do in the short term that might allow us to open the bridge again for a period of time while we get busy designing a new bridge.” The short term being the next couple of years.

At this time, access to the bridge has been cut off for all travellers – whether in a car or on foot.

Robinson says “we don’t have control over pedestrians congregating so if a bunch of people wanted to get together and have a party on the bridge, that would be a lot of load.”

In the meantime, a draft report on short and long term solutions for the bridge will be presented to Kitchener City Council on September 9th, 2013.

She could not discuss any of those solutions since they are not complete and the city is still in the drafting process.

Robinson adds council will ultimately have to budget for a new bridge.