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Casino vote expected in two weeks

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The battle lines are being drawn in Woolwich Township, as council considers a bid to bring a casino to the community.  

At a public meeting last night, councillors heard the views of residents and others about the increasingly contentious issue.

CTV reports some spoke in favour of a casino arguing it will bring much need revenue and jobs to the community.

However, there were others who warned the social costs of gambling would outweigh the economic benefits.

Council is expected to vote March 5th on whether or not to make a play for a gaming house.

However, even if it votes yes, it would still need to strike a deal with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to make it a reality.

The mayor of Woolwich says it was a good meeting, but says they didn’t get the turnout they were expecting.

Todd Cowan also tells 570’s Gary Doyle showing he’s getting closer to a decision on how he will vote in a few weeks.

Cowan says Brantford Mayor Chris Friel is set to speak at the March 5th meeting about the impact a casino has had in his city.