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Families and the outdoors

Family day is today and a new poll out finds that Canadian families pretty much all agree on something!

50 percent of Canadians “strongly agree” and 47 percent “somewhat agree” that nature is important for their family’s well-being.

But Sean Simpson, Ipsos Reid Associate Vice President tells 570 News we don’t always mean what we say.

“There is a disconnect. I mean you can use any excuse not to go outside. Oh it’s snowing, it’s too cold, it’s too hot. We always like to complain about the weather because it’s never just perfect, but I’d be curious to know just what perfect is.”

“I think people tend to use these excuses to stay inside. It’s one of those things where I think once you’re out and you’re enjoying it it’s great but you just have to take that plunge.”

Simpson adds Family Day is the perfect opportunity to take your family outdoors.