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Opposition parties call for hearings into cancelled gas plants

570 News file photo of Queen's Park.

Incoming premier Kathleen Wynne says she’ll recall the legislature next month, but the opposition parties are hinting that the debate could become mired in cancelled gas plants.

The Tories and New Democrats are both demanding Wynne agree to some form of hearings into the cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

And Cambridge MPP Rob Leone says Wynne had a hand in the cancellations, which cost taxpayers at least 230 million dollars.

As Liberal campaign co-chair in 2011, Leone says Wynne was involved in the to cancel the projects to save Liberals seats in the suburbs west of Toronto.

The Liberals say Wynne wasn’t on a list of 18 names the Conservatives released last fall of people they wanted to testify at committee hearings into the gas plants.

The Tories say an internal memo from the Ontario Power Authority clearly shows political interference by the Liberals in trying to hide documents related to the cancelled gas plants.

The Tories want committee hearings into the cancellations right after the legislature resumes February 19th, while the New Democrats want a full-blown public inquiry.