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He's back!

It’s very exciting news for fans of 570’s Jeff Allan.

He returns to airwaves today at 2pm, ending a hiatus that began mid-December.

Allan tells 570 News some of his reasons for taking some time off include “extreme anxiety.”

“I was severely, clinically depressed.”

Allan will open up more during his show.

But, he says it’s time to get back behind the microphone.

He may have been off since mid-December but it sounds like Jeff Allan hasn’t lost his passion for a good talk topic.

“I go away, and the Liberal party gets a new premier! Who wears a dress! … I think,” exclaims Allan.

Allan says while the radio station received a number of emails and calls from listener’s wondering where he was, others went further.

“They’ve come to my home,” Allan says, “they’ve sent me letters, emails … it’s unbelievable. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.”

Allan also thanked everyone who held the fort while he was away, including guest hosts and the show producers.

He will be on the air during The Jeff Allan Show from 2 to 4pm.