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$1.5 million in provincial funding for Waterloo Region

Waterloo Region is getting $1.5 million from the province to help residents that are most at risk.

Kitchener-Centre MPP John Milloy tells 570 News today’s funding announcement will be used to ensure stability to current programs as they transition to a new community homelessness prevention initiative program, “Which goes by the name CHPI. It’s a chance for the region to develop its own housing priorities. In the past we used to flow money to the region through a whole alphabet soup of programs. Now the region will be receiving one funding envelope.”

“The regional municipality will have the responsibility to develop this new program. They’ll be doing it in partnership with the province, they’ll be reporting back to the province and obviously to the citizens of the region about what the new program looks like.”

CHPI comes into effect January 1st, but Milloy says municipalities were asking for some extra assistance as they transition to the community homelessness prevention initiative, “There has been some concern that we’re moving very quickly towards January 1st, with the new program coming in and existing programs being wound down. And people have asked for additional resources.”

In total across the province, eligible municipalities received $42 million to help with the transition to the new program.