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Tips to the perfect (and safe to eat) turkey

Christmas dinner is often accompanied by a loud and stressful kitchen atmosphere.

Be that as it may, it’s important to stay focused when cooking.

Public Health Inspector with the Waterloo Public Health Unit, Rebecca Piovesan tells 570 News, “When you’re feeling kind of stressed you can forget about the proper steps.”

She says the proper steps always start with washing your hands.

Public Health recommends cooking the turkey to a safe internal temperature of 82 degrees Celcius.

She says Public Health also recommends cooking the stuffing separately to an internal temperature of 74 degrees.

But, if you prefer the two together, Piovesan advises the preparation be done immediately before it’s placed inside the turkey.

But she said, “hand washing would be the number one tip.”

Cross-contamination is a main concern and to avoid this she says to keep surfaces clean as well.