A 14 year-old girl from Cambridge will be featured in a new campaign for SickKids Hospital.

Kayla Baker who has been waiting for 19 months for a set of healthy lungs, will be joining more than 50 patients, families, and staff in the new campaign which highlights the unconditional love among families and the lengths families will go, together with medical staff at SickKids, to help make sick children feel better.

The new campaign includes television commercials and print ads and those featured will be singing Roy Orbison’s “You Got It” in the television commercial.

Kayla was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a rare lung disease, at age 11.

The disease is a consequence of the chemotherapy she received when she was battling undifferentiated sarcoma at the age of two. This is when she began her close relationship with the staff at SickKids Hospital.

Kayla tells 570 News having a place to go, like SickKids, is like having a special toy when you are young.

“When you are younger and you have that special toy, and you have that connection to it, it’s like that.”

Kayla calls SickKids her second home because she travels from Cambridge to Toronto two to three times a week for clinical visits and physiotherapy sessions. Something her mother, Susan Tremblett, finds hard but she doesn’t think it’s fair to complain.

“She’s not complaining, I shouldn’t complain and she inspires me to get in that car in the morning.”

The campaign launches later this month, but Kayla and her mom will be attending a special screening of the campaign Thursday in Toronto.