With Halloween creeping closer, Kitchener’s favourite haunted setting is back once again with all new attractions.

Once again, sections of Bingemans are transformed into the infamous Screampark.

Alison Rath the marketing director at Bingemans tells 570News, there are three different haunted houses for you to, try, to trek through.

“‘Shady Acres’ is our creepy retirement home, ‘Statesville Penitentiary’ where the inmates have taken over, and ‘Redneck Rampage’ which is out in the bush a little bit.”

If you dare, you could also try to brave through a maze known as ‘Blood Run’ or stock up on some paint and fire away at zombies with your paintball gun in ‘Zombie Hunt’.

“It’s really popular. We’ve had really good attendance the last few weeks. We have a ‘Chicken Count’ for all the people who do quite make it through all the houses and we’re well over 800 at this point.”

And don’t worry, Rath says for anyone too frightened, the ‘Chicken Out’ exits are placed throughout all of the attractions.

The park runs until October 31st. For more information click here.