The early morning Via Rail train from Kitchener to Toronto is now history.

It made its last trip out of the downtown station this morning.

The decision to derail was actually made several months ago against the wishes of local municipal officials.
Also opposed to the move is lobby group Transport Action.

Spokesperson Greg Gormick tells 570′s Gary Doyle Show, “VIA has been a disaster almost since the day it was born.”

Gormick says the chief reason more people aren’t taking VIA is because the trains are too slow and too expensive. Adding, people concerned about the future of rail travel in Canada should contact their MP and let them know.

Gormick will be in town Thursday night for the first in a series of public meetings.  

It’s being held in the Regional Council Chambers at 7:00.

Starting Thursday, Via train 84 will have just one morning training leaving Kitchener.  It departs at 9:10.