The City of Kitchener is considering granting a heritage designation to the Rockway Centre and the Rockway Gardens.

Rockway Centre, located at 1405 King Street East, and 736 Charles Street, an ancillary building, are valued for their cultural heritage value, in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act.  Additionally the Rockway Gardens at 7 Floral Crescent, are being considered to be designated as a cultural heritage landscape.

However, a decision was not made on that designation on Monday night, as Councillor Bil Ioannidis put forward a motion for deferral.

“Staff hasn’t completed all of the studies needed to give the accurate information that (Councillors) need in order to make a proper judgement,” Ioannidis said. “You need to have all the facts before you can make a proper decision.”

City staff has conducted the heritage study in on Rockway two phases. First, to determine if these properties merit consideration for heritage designation. That piece has been completed. The second phase includes refining options for what should be done with the property, and studying to see if the buildings can be preserved, without harming what make them significant in the first place.

The issue will come back to Kitchener Council on February 4th, after Ioannidis motion for deferral passed 7-4.