Blessed Kateri Catholic School in Kitchener will be updating its name following the canonization of its namesake on Sunday.

The school’s principle, Bill Haber, has already been given the go ahead to change the name of the school and tells 570 News the adjustment in the name is small but the change is monumental.

“It may take some time for us to get use to saying the new name and accustom to the new language but it is important we do it. Although it may appear small in terms of adjustment to the language, it’s actually quite significant and important that we do it right.”

The school is planning to celebrate the canonization of Kateri by holding a mass on November 8, as well a new alter cloth will be made in her honour.

Prior to the mass, students will be learning more about the life of Kateri Tekakwitha, also known as the “Lilly of the Mohawks”.

Kateri is the first indigenous person in North America to be accepted into sainthood by Pope Benedict XVI.