The New York Times is taking heat over a piece it did on the BlackBerry and the man taking it to task is Research in Motion Chief Executive Torsten Heins.

The Times article in question, entitled “The BlackBerry as Black Sheep”, takes the angle that those that used to brag about having a BlackBerry are now ashamed of being seen with one.  

One harsh comment, from a Los Angeles sales representative, who was quoted as saying, “I want to take a bat to it.”  

Heins responded by firing off a letter to the Times saying the article “lacks the balance your readers expect.”

He goes on to say, “With more than 80 million customers globally, BlackBerry is growing and remains one of the world’s most popular smartphones.”  He adds, carriers and partners around the world have told him “there are millions of BlackBerry fans out there who not only find great value in their device, but also pride in being a BlackBerry owner.”

The raging debate has gone online as well.

A Tweet from none other than CNN’S Piers Morgan clearly backs RIM saying, “I’m NOT ashamed of MY BlackBerry.”