Local democrats in Waterloo Region met at The Huether in Waterloo last night to take in round two of the U.S. Presidential debate.

For millions of Americans living abroad, ‘Democrats Abroad’ is an official Democratic Party organization that works to advance the principles of the Party, by spreading the Democratic messages to Americans and encouraging them to vote for Democratic candidates back in the U.S.

The local President of the organization Tim Flannery tells 570 News, that President Barack Obama was very impressive in the debate, holding off on commenting on the famous ’47%’ comment till the very end.

“He showed great patience. It was almost like a hockey player would, kept the puck, do the goalie over and waited before he shot, and then the shot was very effective. I thought it was perfect in terms of timing, placement, and the effect again it had on Mr. Romney.”

Flannery says it’s no secret that the first debate didn’t go very well for the Democrats, and what we saw last night was Obama’s “true colours”, saying the President “really came out and said what he felt and thought.”

One issue Flannery thought the President could have drilled home more, was Romney’s ties to Bain Capital.

“A leader of a country is a different person than a one simple focus businessman type of approach, and that’s where Mr. Romney fails to see how to govern is different than being a businessman.”

A major turning point for Obama according to Flannery was the economy. He says the President tackled the issue head on, which is some cases left Romney without answers.