In an awe-inspiring feat, extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner has broken several records after jumping from more than 38-kilometres over the Earth.

The Austrian skydiver landed safely in the New Mexico desert after jumping from a capsule lifted by a helium balloon.

While official records are still being calculated, the jump seemingly broke several records, including the highest free-fall jump ever by a human and the highest manned balloon flight by a human.

The jump had to be cancelled on two occasions last week due to excessive winds, but weather conditions were considered good enough to proceed Sunday.

Baumgartner jumped from approximately 38,954 metres, soaring through the air and reaching speeds of more than 1,100 km/h.

The jump went fairly smoothly, with Baumgartner appearing cool and under control. He deployed his parachute and was able to careen himself to the Earth with seemingly little problem.

His dive from the stratosphere is expected to provide scientists with valuable information for next-generation spacesuits.