Many people are speaking out after the suspected suicide of 15 year old Amanda Todd of Coquitlam B-C.

She posted a video online last month saying she had been repeatedly taunted by classmates, even after changing schools.

Speaking on 570′s Gary Doyle Show was Bill Belsey, President of

Belsey is also a teacher and a parent. He says parents need to read between the lines and says unfortunately in Amanda’s case, she was desperate for someone to notice her, “You know when someone complemented her early on and said that she was pretty, it was a hook for her and unfortunately for her the people then took that and baited her and took used that vulnerability and that loneliness that she had. She was exposed as being really vulnerable.”

He says we’ve come a long way with bullying, but this video proves that we still have a long way to go, “People are often emboldened to say and do things on-line that they might never say in person. And not only those just those who said these hurtful things, but those who joined in or even those who knew this was going on and didn’t say anything, they were digital bystanders if you will. It’s the silence of all of us who are bystanders that give bullies their power.”

When it comes to the bully, a zero tolerance approach, the “do it and you’re out” approach doesn’t work according to Belsey. He says if we have formative consequences that can teach, then you can change those behaviours, “And often kids who have been exhibiting bullying behaviours, they can become some of your best leaders in your entire school, I’ve seen it. Also we need to empower kids who are bystanders, those who see this going on. Research shows us that most bullying will stop in less than 10 seconds if kids have the courage to befriend those who are being victimized.”

As a teacher, Belsey says they’re not taught about bullying in their teacher training. He compares it to if a nurse wasn’t trained how to give a flu shot.