Preparing for the future, Regional council wants to hear from residents regarding waste disposal.

The current landfill has 20 years left, but the process to start a new system could take 10 years, so council is looking to get a jump start.

Regional Councillor Sean Strickland tells 570′s Gary Doyle show when it comes to the future of landfill sites, it can be a very contentious and divisive issue, “Particularly if your current site has expired, its usefulness has finished and you need to find a new location. We don’t need to look too much further down the road than Guelph, for example, where they’ve had divisive debate. We’re getting as far ahead of the issue as we possibly can and beginning the community consultation process right now.”

Strickland says incineration is one option they’re looking into, “Other options include a traditional landfill, finding more land and building and using a traditional landfill. We could also strike partnerships with neighbouring municipalities and start trucking our waste out of Waterloo Region into other areas and possibly into the U-S.”

Strickland says he prefers incineration and believes it’s the best long term solution, “Incineration to energy I think is a growing response to landfills across North America. In Europe they’ve been doing it for generations. Right now in Durham, for example, they’re building an incinerator that’s going to burn garbage and convert it into energy.”

The Waste Management Master Plan study survey opens today and later this month, the region will hold the first round of public information sessions.