It seems the local beef industry has been seeing an impact from the XL Food Plant meat recall in Alberta, and it’s not all bad news. Some retailers are reporting an increase in foot traffic and sales.

One of those is Stemmler Meats And Cheese in Heidelberg. Co-owner Kevin Stemmler tells 570 News since the recall was announced back on September 4th, they’re seeing plenty of new faces in the store. “With regards to the recall we’re actually getting busier, and more people are asking where the meat comes from.”

He says “like any allergen, people are taking appropriate precautions for themselves and their family, they want to make sure they’re buying products raised locally.”

Stemmler says while beef sales are strong, they’ve also been seeing an increase in the sales of other meat products.

Stemmler says there’s no need for people to fear the Canadian Beef Industry, and that the industry rules are strong enough and that the problem lies with inspections and enforcement.

He says public pressure will make sure the government never allows an incident like this to ever happen again.