An updated sign by-law is being tabled at a City of Waterloo committee meeting tonight, meant to catch up with changes in the sign industry since the last sign bylaw came into effect.

This version is more restrictive on mobile signs, raising the ire of sign businesses.

Dave Lamka, owner of A to Z Signs, told 570 News this by law, as currently drafted, will hurt business owners, and cost jobs.

“I think we have a good sign by-law, and I’d be in favour of leaving it the way it is.” Lamka said.

Jim Barry, Director of By-Law Enforcement with the City of Waterloo, said the city welcomes input.

“That’s why the draft by-law goes to council just to be tabled, it’s not for approval. We certainly want to hear from everybody, and we’ll take that into consideration as the final draft is put out later this year.”

Barry said the biggest change this draft by law brings about is trying to make it more user friendly, and at the same time, trying to incorporate a connection to the City of Waterloo’s official plan, “The sign by-law is really an update meant to incorporate changes in the industry since the last bylaw came into force and effect.”