Kitchener-Centre Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s pro-life bid to have Parliament study the definition of a human being has gone down to defeat in the House of Commons.

Stephen Woodworth’s motion was voted down 203-91.

While saying this private members motion will likely be the only one he gets to bring to a vote in this session of parliament, Woodworth told 570 News he hasn’t stopped to think of how he’ll do it, but he plans to continue the conversation.

“I’m not going to ever stop defending the notion of equal and inherent worth and dignity for every human being whether I am a Member of Parliament or not,” Woodworth said. “I’m extremely grateful to the many thousands and thousands of Canadians who stood in line to sign petitions, and who sent tens of thousands of postcards and messages to Members of Parliament. I’m glad they get it.”

Woodworth said representing the people of Kitchener-Centre will continue to take up the bulk of his time, he will continue to find time to keep this issue on the minds of Canadians.

Eight cabinet ministers voted in favour of the motion, including Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose, government House leader Peter Van Loan and Trade Minister Ed Fast.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had allowed his caucus to vote freely on the issue, but did not vote for it out of concern it would re-open the debate on abortion.

Four Liberals also voted in favour of Woodworth’s motion, while the NDP caucus opposed it.

The motion would have instructed a Commons committee to study a section of the Criminal Code that declares a child a human being when it emerges alive from the mother’s womb.