Kitchener City Council has introduced new protocols after a swan died in Victoria Park.

     The new protocol would see the Preston Veterinary Clinic be the primary veterinary provider and also be the after hours emergency contact for animals in distress.

      Also, addition staff will be trained on proper handling of swans increasing the number of staff available to handle a case similar to this one.

      There will also be an increase in monitoring of swans, making sure they are healthy.

      Etherington says he is happy with the new protocol and is satisfied with the result.

      “Based on what happened here, they have a much better protocol in place for both the Contact Centre and the Humane Society to make certain that this never happens again.”

      He also adds that the city should follow up with the results of the autopsy, acting on the findings if necessary.

     Also in the report, The City of Kitchener donated $500 to  The Wildlife Haven Ontario Wildlife Centre for their effort in assisting the swan.