The Ashley Smith inquest is set to begin again.

The process is starting over, with a hearing taking place this morning at 9:30 for those interested in applying to stand at the inquest.

The 19-year-old chocked herself to death while she was an inmate at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener in 2007.

An inquest first started in May 2011, but the coroner originally appointed to preside over the case retired.

Chief council with the Office of the Coroner Michael Blain tells 570 News he doesn’t think the time it’s taken for another inquest to begin will have a negative effect on this case, “I’m sure the parties working cooperatively will make sure this is an effective inquest and that it does get running and that it addresses the issues that need to be addressed.”

Blain says today’s hearing should only take one day, “Applications for standing will be heard today, however, the coroner may not make any decision, he may not make a ruling, as to who is granted standing and who isn’t. He may reserve that decision until a future date.”

Those who have a substantial and direct interest can apply for standing. This means they are directly affected by the jury’s verdict in the inquest or that they have a reputational or other interest that may be affected by the proceedings.

During the first enquiry, 13 parties were granted standing, including Smith’s family, Blain expects about the same number of applications this time around.

No word when the actual inquest will begin.