The Region of Waterloo got a good deal on the last piece of property it needs to build the multi-modal transit hub downtown Kitchener.

The land where The Beer Store sits on King Street West at Victoria Street North was purchased without going to expropriation.

The total price tag for the property and to relocate the Beer Store sits at just over $2.7M. Rob Horne, Planning Commissioner told 570 News if the Region needed to have the land expropriated, it could have cost more, “Usually with a longer process comes additional cost, so we really feel this has been a good outcome for all involved.”

Chair of the Planning and Works committee, Councillor Jim Wideman said he’s “Very excited,” about the purchase, “I think it’s a key element of our LRT transit strategy, and to get this in place is just so key.” Wideman said.

“This is the last piece of the puzzle, with that now in place, we have got the whole area clear, and we can now proceed with the next steps, and move toward the transit hub,” Wideman said, “In 2013 hopefully we can have some shovels in the ground.”

Councillors approved the transaction Wednesday night at the Region of Waterloo Council meeting. The Region is set to take possession of the property in mid-to-late 2013.

City of Kitchener Councillor Dan Glenn-Graham is lobbying for the Rumpel Felt building to be designated as a heritage building, and while a firm decision has yet to be made about the buildings designation, Wideman said the Region could plan to build the historic part of the building into the transit hub, “the part that’s historical is not a huge amount of the building, so hopefully we can possibly retain that portion, and incorporate it into the transit hub.”