An exiting announcement for the Waterloo-Wellington LHIN.

12 new full time equivalent telemedicine nurses have been hired, who will help expand local care for that system.

Chair of the local health integration network, Joan Fisk, says this is great news for local residents, “Telemedicine is often helping patients see geriatric specialists or psychiatric specialists without having to leave their home community. You can go to the 67 sites that we currently have in the Waterloo-Wellington catchment area for this service.”

Fisk says with the addition of the nurses, they’ll be able to serve more patients. The nurses are with the patients throughout the whole process, “So what they do, they work with the specialist and they’re there with the patient. The nurses are there as the lead of the call.”

“The geriatric patient has the most stress in travelling. Telemedicine also connects rural and northern communities. It’s amazing if you see it happen. They even can get their blood pressure, respiratory function, all of that done right on telemedicine.”

Telemedicine allows people to connect with specialists in places like Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and London, without having to travel to that city.