A Kitchener family is calling for a tightening up of rules when it comes to school buses dropping off young children.  

The family of 3-year-old Aryn Humby was in a state of panic this week, when the youngster was reportedly dropped off at the wrong stop – more than a kilometre away from where his father was waiting to meet him.

Today’s Record reports, the bus drove past the correct stop, not far from Ottawa Street, and then dropped him off later.

Ayrn, who turns 4 on Sunday, is in junior kindergarten at W.T. Townshend Public School.

He was reunited with his parents about an hour later, following an intense search by his family, police and others.  

The public school board could not comment on this specific case, but told the paper there is a strict policy in place when it comes to the busing of young children.  

Sharp Bus Lines has not yet commented.