The 6th annual Inspiring Women event goes today at Bingemans.

The all day event features an all Canadian line up, including keynote Debbie Travis, and fashion designer Linda Lundstrom.
Local success story and Emmy winning media producer and author Natalie MacNeil also hits the stage.

Canadian design superstar Debbie Travis tells 570 News she won’t be talking decorating today though. She will be putting the spotlight on building what she calls her “little” empire, her struggles and the struggles of juggling a family, as well as how to keep that ball rolling and moving forward with something that wakes you up in the morning.

Travis says we need to be healthy and have time for ourselves or you are no good to anyone.

She says decorating itself can be the most boring subject in the world, but when you add the aspect of family and home, it makes you smile.

Travis has a TV production company, has had four of her own shows, has written nine books and has a syndicated column. She is also busy with retail with a line for Canadian Tire.