The mother of Cambridge-born Matthew Schuman says it’s a miracle her son survived the University of Alberta shooting and armoured truck heist.

Jennifer Schuman told 570 News, finding out her son Matthew was shot three months ago, while working part-time as a security guard with G4S, was “numbing.”

“He has no idea, the magnitude of this … Only 5% of people who are ever shot in the head survive, and let alone 2% of them have any type of life. For (Matthew) to be doing so well, it really is a miracle.”

Matthew Schuman made his first public appearance in Edmonton over the weekend at a fundraiser in his honour, where he was seen wearing a protective helmet.

“The helmet he wears is signed by the paramedics and the firefighters that saved his life that night,” Ms. Schuman said. Adding that while the helmet embarrasses her son, it’s necessary, “he had an operation … so the helmet is just to protect his head until his brain is totally healed.”

Matthew has had some “ups and downs,” since the shooting. However, with his family and friends supporting him, “he is really trying to move forward with his rehab,” Ms. Schuman said.

“I think sometimes he finds (rehab) going a little slow. He’s a guy that wants his life back.”

Meanwhile, accused shooter Travis Baumgartner, is due in court October 5th.