The Catherine Fife campaign is apologizing after a mass-text message glitch.

Residents from in and around the Kitchener-Waterloo riding received a text around 11:00 pm, which read, “Want to stop a McGuinty majority? Meet Catherine Fife,” followed by a link to an information page.

Spokesperson, Alex Callahan told 570 News the messages were intended to arrive much earlier in the evening, “We wanted to reach out to folks that are hard to get in touch with, we did not want to bother people, we didn’t intend for these hiccups to occur, and we apologize for that.”

Callahan said the Fife campaign was trying to reach out to young voters, especially newly arrived University students, who aren’t likely to yet have land lines, or to have been available to answer the front door.

Callahan points to other political campaigns that have used this style of campaigning before, “most famously in the (Barack) Obama (U.S. Presidential) campaign.”

“This is a new and innovative piece of technology, and unfortunately it came with a couple of hiccups,” Callahan said, “we apologize to the folks that got messages that they didn’t want.”