It will be a busy meeting when the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board gets together Wednesday morning.

Coming before the board is a presentation of the 2011 Criminal Offence Summary, a compilation of stats provided by Statistics Canada to Regional Police.

Councillor Tom Galloway shows 570 News how the numbers compare from 2010 to 2011. “Criminal offences in 2011 compared to 2010 were down 3.9%.” he said.

“The one area that things did go up a bit was traffic violations.”

The crime severity index is slightly reduced, “however the violent crime severity index went up slightly, with the non-violent crime severity index going down to create the negative trend.” Galloway said.

While the number of criminal offences had gone down, calls for service went up, “So obviously a lot of calls for service that police take aren’t related to a crime, but it still increases the (statistic on) the number of calls that the officers have to attend,” Galloway said.

The Criminal Offence Summary informs the Police Service in planning where to put their resources.

The agenda will also see a recommendation to hire 18 new Special Constables for the regions new consolidated courthouse, at Frederick and Scott Streets, downtown Kitchener. Galloway said the officers are, “Recommended to be hired so they are trained in time for the building to open in January.”

It’s recommended 5 are hired in October, and 5 in November, with the remaining 8 hired in the new year. 12 Special Constables currently staff the 3 existing courthouses, bringing the total compliment of officers at the courthouse to 30, once it opens and the old buildings are closed.

The agenda also shows the board will be presented the Morden report relating to the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010, including recommendations made within it by Justice John Morden.