Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak held a “Town Hall” meeting in Waterloo Tuesday night, taking questions and comments from about 100 supporters.

Mr. Hudak addressed some of the points of his party’s platform, including ending the Feed-in Tariff program, and enacting an “across the board” public sector wage freeze. “What are people talking about? Jobs. They’re talking about the $30 billion hole. They’re talking about who actually has a plan to turn things around.”

“We’ve got a bold PC plan we put out there, you can see it at TraceyWeiler.ca.”

“I’m against tax increases, I think taxes are too high as it is, people have less money in their pockets, and we’re not creating jobs.” Hudak said. “If you want to actually bring in revenue so we can sustain health care, and classroom education for our loved ones, for our kids, you need to get the economy moving.”

Hudak was joined by Kitchener-Waterloo PC candidate Tracey Weiler, Cambridge-North Dumfries MPP Rob Leone, and Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris.

Hudak was asked by reporters if he would step down as Leader if the Ontario PC Party fails to hold onto the seat vacated by Elizabeth Witmer in KW, Mr. Hudak stated, “Of course not.”