Three years ago Nicolas Gehl found out his daughter was murdered, this morning he learns her killers are looking to appeal their charges.

     Her husband Ron Cyr and gunman Dennis Zvolensky have started the year long process by filling with the Ontario Court of Appeal. The third man involved, Nashat Qahwash might be following suit.

     Nicolas Gehl, tells 570 News,  the appeals are not a surprise but are still hard to deal with.

     “This is something which was not unexpected, nevertheless it means another year, year and a half, maybe two years, of dealing with this stuff all over again.”

     Gehl is not concerned about what happened to the three men but the focus was always on his family and his daughter.

     “The things that concern me through this whole process to a large extent weren’t really what happened to them (the killers). My goals and ambitions were for my family,they were for my daughter.”

     Gehl is preparing for the hard road ahead but wants to make sure his family will be able to recover.

     “I know that nothing I can do is going to help my daughter anymore, but I still have to deal with the rest of my family. My son, my daughter, my wife have to come out of this at some end. And that what I’m concerned about more.”