An update to a story you heard on 570 News in the spring.

A US fugitive wanted by the FBI and arrested downtown Kitchener has been indicted for fraud and identity theft in the Central District of California

The indictment says 47-year-old Glen Ward, allegedly collected more than $1Million from more than 800 distressed homeowners from July 2007 to April 5 2012 while a fugitive.

Ward is said to have promised to delay the foreclosure of their homes, if the homeowners would provide him with $700 a month in fees.

Ward faces two counts of bankruptcy fraud, one count of mail fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft.

The FBI will now proceed with an extradition request, to get Ward back to the Sstates, where he will stand trial.

Ward was arrested without incident at a downtown Kitchener ATM in April, after a 12 year man hunt that took police through British Columbia, Quebec, other areas in Southern Ontario.