Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was in town today helping out her Kitchener-Waterloo candidate kick off her campaign.

      Catherine Fife was joined by Horwath, Federal and Provincial officials as well as volunteers to help in her campaign efforts.

      The Ontario NDP Leader stopped by 570 News Jeff Allen show and had kind words to say about Fife.

      “She works with everybody no matter who they are to try and find solutions.”

       Horwath also talked about the Ontario Liberal Party and calling their decision for a September 1st contract deadline reckless and unrealistic.

      “It’s a false deadline that the Liberals have put in place, in terms of September negotiations, for these deadline go well into the fall”

       She also tells 570 that the Liberals are creating a crisis in order to bring forward legislation in efforts to win the byelection.

       “It’s a very cynical move and unfortunately, it’s a very reckless move”