Waterloo Region’s veterans from the Second World War and the Korean War will share their stories through The Memory Project.

Veterans and their families will participate in the project today at Luther Village on the Park in Waterloo.

It’s an initiative from The Historica-Dominion Institute, allowing veterans from both conflicts to share their stories through interviews and digitized memorabilia via an on-line archive.

“A lot of them have not spoken about their experiences for example to their children or their grandchildren. I think they are coming to a point in their life where they feel comfortable in doing it. In many ways this allows them to understand how important their contributions were back then,” said Alex Herd, Manager of The Memory Project.

So far, 25 hundred veterans have told their stories.

Herd hopes that the oral history project will help young Canadian better understand the sacrifices made by these men and women.

“They will be able to hear and see firsthand what it was like to live during this period and what it was like to serve in our country’s military and hopefully they will be able to glean the importance of their contributions.”